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I'm trying to start two emulators simultaneously, for simulating messages between the 5554 and 5556 port. The first emulator runs fine, loads up within a couple minutes. Second one opens, but sticks at the reflecting "a n d r o i d" screen without end. Any ideas on why or how to fix it? I know I've had two emulators running on this computer before, from summer 2012 to early 2013, but because I didn't need to use two anymore, I haven't tried again until now.

I'm on windows, using eclipse to start the emulators. All help appreciated.

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i think your machine is probably on lower level apis....say run two emulators with gingerbread – Hades May 21 '14 at 4:59
do you know how to send sms from one emulator to another? – SMR May 21 '14 at 7:12

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There may be many reasons behind the slow loading of the emulator:

  • Slow or old Laptop/Computer.
  • Using latest android ROM images
  • Incorrect settings

you can check this post slow emulator problems.

I recommend the following:

  1. Use intel based android images with HAXM.
  2. Run emulators without boot animation using command line parameters. To do this take the following steps:
    • first add android-sdk-path/tools and android-sdk-path/platform-tools to your PATH environment variables. (This is not required but can be very handy in future)
    • open command prompt.
    • type command emulator @your-avd-name -no-boot-anim -cpu-delay 0
  3. set emulator affinity to maximum:
    • open Task manager when emulator(s) is running.
    • Goto Processes tab.
    • Right-click on emulator-arm.exe > Set Affinity... > select all processors increase affinity

Hope it helps

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In case you need to send sms to the emulator you can use the following:

  • get on emulator up and running.
  • Open DDMS perspective
    • Click Window menu in the Menubar of Eclipse.
    • select Open Persperctive > DDMS

Opening DDMS in eclipse

  • open tab Emulator Control
  • Under the Telephony Actions select SMS Using emulator control Now you can insert a number and send SMS to the Emulator.

NOTE: You must insert a number before performing any Call/SMS otherwise the controlls will be disabled.

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Thank you, this is very helpful. – user3475234 May 21 '14 at 7:05

You can change android project run configuration, target as manual selection instead of auto and to to that you have to go to the android project, right click> run as> run configuration and on run configuration window select the project under Android application (right panel) Then select Target tab at left panel, and select manual option. Now whenever you run a project a list with running emulators will apear and if you want to run more than one emulator> open AVD manager > select emulator > click on start > launch

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No I know how to run a second emulator, it's just that the second one is in the loading phase forever, while the first one loads fully. – user3475234 May 21 '14 at 5:42

Thanks for all the help, and the answer I selected most closely answers the problem of 2 emulators running slowly.

What it turned out to be was that I was using 767MB on an Intel HAXM emulator, and creating 2 of those went over the allocated amount for HAXM. After running 1 Intel and 1 ARM emulator, it worked. The error message was somewhat inconspicuous so I didn't notice it at first.

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