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I have this code in my main.js script, but I can't make it works with jQueryUI, because somehow when trying to load jQueryMobile, it always loads jquery.ui.tabs before jquery.ui.widget, with the latter being a dependency of the former

    baseUrl: './js',
    paths: {
        'libs'          : '../libs',
        'jquery'        : '../libs/jquery/jquery.min',
        'jquery-plugins'    : '../libs/jquery-mobile/external/jquery/plugins',
        'jquery-ui'     : '../libs/jquery-ui/ui',
        "jquery.ui.widget"  : '../libs/jquery-ui/ui/jquery.ui.widget',
        'jquery.ui.tabs'    : '../libs/jquery-ui-tabs/ui/jquery.ui.tabs',
        'jquery-mobile'     : '../libs/jquery-mobile/js/',
        'backbone'      : '../libs/backbone/backbone',
        'underscore'        : '../libs/underscore/underscore',
        'json'              : '../libs/json2/json',
        'json2'         : '../libs/json2',
        'jstorage'      : '../libs/jstorage/jstorage.min',
        'mustache'      : '../libs/mustache'
    shim: {
        'underscore': {
            exports: '_'
        'backbone': {
            deps: ['underscore', 'jquery'],
            exports: 'Backbone'
        'json': {
        'jstorage':  ['jquery', 'json'],
        'mustache': {
            exports: 'Mustache'
        'jquery-plugins'    : ['jquery'],
        'jquery.ui.widget'  : ['jquery', 'jquery.ui.core'],
        'jquery.ui.tabs'    : [ 'jquery' , 'jquery.ui.widget']

require(['app'], function(App){
    $(document).on('mobileinit', function(){
        console.log('Evento mobileinit');

Chrome Dev Tools Console

Sources view

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Maybe you need to shim the widget too? – chchrist May 21 '14 at 8:40
Please edit into your question the errors you get on the console. If you don't get any errors on the console, please indicate this in your question. – Louis May 21 '14 at 10:56
Ok, I'll do it ASAP, just can't do it right now – danielperaza May 21 '14 at 20:40
Thread has been updated with screenshots and modifications to the loader script. – danielperaza May 22 '14 at 2:57
The problem is that you haven't specified the path to 'jquery.ui.core' which is listed as a dependency of 'jquery.ui.widget'. – idbehold May 22 '14 at 18:23

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