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Our company is thinking about a mobile app (android, ios) that needs to comunicate with a backend sending "questions" and receiving "answers", based on a search in an ontology database. I have some questions:

1)What is the state of the art in ontology database at the moment (both commercial or open source)?

2)In order to develop such a backend, what kind of server(software) is required?

3)Since this application is supposed to have thousands of users at a time (it is meant for public administration purposes), what kind of server (hardware) would be require? (distribuited server, load balanced, etc).

Thank you very much.

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These type of questions are not answered here. Start writing some code, you feel stuck, come here and ask the particular problem in your code. –  Arslan Ali May 21 at 7:57
Welcome to Stack Overflow. This question, though interesting, is too broad to answer here. I suggest you read up a bit on the semantic web, sparql, NoSQL and a few other things and come back with a more concrete question. –  John Barça May 21 at 8:03
ok, thank you, it is a starting point anyway..:) –  user3090332 May 21 at 8:08

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