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I am serializing some C structure to string and than deserializing it with strtok(). But, unfortunately, strtok() don't detect empty fields (eg 1:2::4).

Is there any alternative function?

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On linux there's strsep.

The strsep() function was introduced as a replacement for strtok(), since the latter cannot handle empty fields. However, strtok() conforms to C89/C99 and hence is more portable.

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strsep() is also thread-safe (or can be made that way), which strtok() is very very not. –  ceo Mar 4 '10 at 18:37

You can use strchr (for just one delimiter character) or strcspn (for a group of possible delimiters) to find the next delimiter, process the token, and then just step one character forward. Do this in a loop and you have what you need.

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