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I am using maven assembly plug in to package my project with all its dependency so i can run a simple java -jar myproject.jar and be able to run the project. However when I ran the jar it told me

Error: Could not find or load main class com.project.ServerStart

Then I unzipped the .jar file and found that the assembly does not include my project files, which is ridiculous !
When packaging the project I receive this warning

[WARNING] Cannot include project artifact: Amjar:amjar:pom:0.2; it doesn't have an associated file or directory.

This is my plugin config


What am I doing wrong ?

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try to look on that answer stackoverflow.com/a/574650/1370062 –  Rafik991 May 21 at 8:35
I didn't work for I've already configured my pom.xml as the answer says but, still getting the error ! –  Adio May 21 at 8:44
the same error you get? –  Rafik991 May 21 at 8:44
are you sure that you have com.project.ServerStart on classpath? –  Rafik991 May 21 at 8:45
Can you explain e little more ? what do you mean on the classpath ? and how can I make sure of it ? I am using Ubuntu 13.04 do you want me to add all my project classes to $PATH variable ? –  Adio May 21 at 8:52

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From the warning you've included in your question:

[WARNING] Cannot include project artifact: Amjar:amjar:pom:0.2; it doesn't have an associated 

I'd guess that you've got the packaging in your pom.xml set to pom.

This is fine if your module is simply packaging a set of dependencies or resource files, however, if you also want Maven to create a jar containing the classes in you module you will need to set the packaging to jar.

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That was exactly the problem ! –  Adio May 21 at 12:43

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