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I have a map in Mapinfo format. To open it I use trial version of Mapinfo, but in several days trial period will pass. Are there some free viewers for mapinfo files, or may be there are some coverters?

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MapInfo ProViewer is the freebie veiwer version of the MapInfo product

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You can convert your file to a KML using ogr2ogr, part of the GDAL/OGR project:

ogr2ogr -f KML input.mif output.kml

Alternatively, Quantum GIS is a great open source GIS package that will let you view MapInfo files and many, many other types of geodata.

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Try to use Quantum GIS

Its free and easy to learn...using QGIS you can also convert .tab files to shp, kml or any other formats.

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You can use Global Mapper or your purposes.
This program specifically can open any kind of GIS document like Google Kml,MapInfo,ESRI documents etc.

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