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I have an ASPxFileManager component that doesn't download a file on click of the single file on clientside. We use our own FileSysstemProvider to manage files and added a button bar to handle multiple file downloads with a batch process in the background.

Now I want to enable single file downloads with the clientside event click. I see the file downloaded in the network tab. But in the post of the button, which is not working of course.

The Filemanager Code:

 <dx:ASPxFileManager runat="server" ID="FileManager" Width="100%" CustomFileSystemProviderTypeName="Our.FileSystemProvider" CssClass="our-FileManager">
    <Settings EnableMultiSelect="true" ></Settings>
    <SettingsUpload Enabled="False"></SettingsUpload>
    <SettingsToolbar ShowPath="False" ShowRefreshButton="False" ShowFilterBox="False"/>
    <SettingsFileList View="Details">
        <DetailsViewSettings  AllowColumnResize="false" AllowColumnDragDrop="false" AllowColumnSort="false" ShowHeaderFilterButton="false" />
        SelectionChanged="function(s,e) { our.FileDownloader.UpdateButtonVisibility(s);}"
        CurrentFolderChanged="function(s,e) { our.FileDownloader.UpdateButtonVisibility(s); }"

And the command button form:

<div class="our-GridViewCommandBar" >
    <our:Form ID="CommandButtonForm" runat="server" >
        <our:FormSection ID="FormSection16" runat="server" Label="False"  >
            <our:FormOneLine ID="FormOneLine4" runat="server">

                <%-- Download folder button--%>
                <our:FormElement runat="server" >
                    <dx:ASPxButton runat="server" ID="DownloadSelectedFolderButton" Text="Download Folder" OnClick="DownloadSelectedFolderButton_OnClick"></dx:ASPxButton>

                <%-- Download (selected) files button--%>
                <our:FormElement ID="FormElement1" runat="server" >
                    <dx:ASPxButton runat="server" ID="DownloadSelectedFilesButton" Text="Download File(s)" OnClick="DownloadSelectedFilesButton_OnClick" ClientVisible="False" CssClass="ewolf-DownloadSelectedFilesButton" >
                        <ClientSideEvents Click="function(s, e) {
                            var fileManager =  window[$('.our-FileManager').attr('id')];
                            if(fileManager.getSelectedFiles().length <= 1) {
                                e.processOnServer = false;
                        }" />


Now all we do is hide and display the DownloadSelectedFilesButton if no file is selected.

What am I doing wrong?

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