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I'm running Gitlab behind an Apache HTTPD SSL proxy So, Gitlab is running on http://example.com:80 and my proxy is serving this from https://example.com:443. Currently when I request password reset emails they provide a link to http://example.com not https://example.com

Does anyone know how to change the base URL to https://example.com while still running the gitlab instance over http?



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Enable https in the gitlab.yml file? https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/blob/dbd88d453b8e6c78a423fa7e692004b1db6ea069/config/gitlab.yml.example#L20

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If I do that then Gitlab runs the SSL. I want Apache to run the SSL instead. –  Adam May 21 at 13:17
Using Apache is possible but not something we support officially. –  Sytse Sijbrandij Aug 17 at 13:05

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