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how can i paste something on multiple lines?

i'm trying to achieve the same as: In an existing text, I can <C-v>jjjjj<S-I>HelloWorld<CR> to have HelloWorld inserted in 5-rows

but instead of typing HelloWorld I'd like to get the text from a register. i want to first yank HelloWorld then insert it in 5 lines.

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@sotto - StackOverflow is for programming questions. Your question will probably get migrated to which is a better forum for general computer usage questions. – Oded Mar 4 '10 at 9:16
@Oded vim is a programming tool like a VS. How can it be unrelated? – Sergey Mirvoda Jul 29 '10 at 11:38
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When you are in insert mode, you can press Ctrl-R followed by the letter for the buffer you wish to paste. Then just press Escape as usual and it will be block inserted as normal.

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So, as per Doug's answer below, this would be, after yanking the text you want to fill down, <C-V>jjI<C-R>"<ESC> (assuming you do a normal yank, without specifying a buffer). – naught101 Dec 16 '14 at 7:00

Let's say you have the following in a vim buffer:

1|  Do the dishes
2|  Get milk
3|  Take out the trash

and you want to insert [ ] at the start of each line, so that it becomes:

1|  [ ] Do the dishes
2|  [ ] Get milk
3|  [ ] Take out the trash

  1. go to column one of row one
  2. press CTRL + V (block select)
  3. press j two times (to row three). now the first column of lines one, two, and three are selected
  4. press I (shift + i - capital "i") - this is "block insert mode"
  5. type [ ]
  6. press esc (escape)
  7. text will be inserted on each row
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You could use a macro to do this, like qq0Pjq4@q

qq starts a macro with the name q

0 goes to the beginning of the line and P pastes the yanked content before the cursor

j goes down one line and q ends the macro

4@q repeats the q macro 4 times

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