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I want to use l2tp to authenticate users and then once the tunnel is created i want to use ipsec so that all the traffic will be encrypted. Currently, this is not supported in pfsense, but i know that there is a work around. so basically i want to create L2TP/IPsec tunnel in pfsense 2.1.2

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As you mentioned. as of 2.1 L2TP/IPSec is still currently not supported, but was on the roadmap for 2.1. Looks like it got pushed back. However can you not just enable L2TP (that's supported) and then enable IPSec for the privacy through the VPN?

Not sure, just my raw thoughts.

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I want to enable L2TP, but after l2tp is enabled i want to create an ipsec tunnel inside the l2tp tunnel and make all the traffic going in the l2tp tunnel go through the ipsec tunnel inside. –  user3608595 May 25 at 12:21

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