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I'm building an application that inserts documents into MarkLogic server using the MLPHP library. The problem is when I insert a binary document, for example a PDF. The mime type will not be set properly, therefore the file cannot be opened as it should.

This is the code I use to insert a document:

// initialize REST client
$client = new MLPHP\RESTClient('', 8010, 'v1', '', 'rest-writer-user', 'writer-pw');

// create new document and load content
$doc = new MLPHP\Document($client);

This is a dump of the $doc object after submitting to the server:

And here we have the inserted document in the search results:

But as expected, the browser cannot handle the file due to the wrong mimetype:

Anyone has got a clue what's going wrong here?

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Did you try to put the pdf in ML with a curl command and check if the content-type works? eg: curl --anyauth --user rest-writer-user:writer-pw -T ./pdf_demo.pdf -i -H "Content-type: application/pdf" localhost:8010/v1/documents?uri=/pdf_demo.pdf –  prker May 21 at 11:26

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Check to see what the Response Header for content type is.

You Might have to set the format URL Parameter to binary. You can read the full documentation at http://docs.marklogic.com/REST/GET/v1/documents

here is what the request would look like

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This seems to work, thanks! –  Arne Jun 19 at 19:25

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