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I'm trying to run this for loop;

        for (int col= 0; grid[0].length; col++)

However every time I try to compile I get an error stating 'incompatible types - found int but expected boolean'

I can't work out what I'm doing wrong!

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for (int col= 0; col<grid[0].length; col++) {} // you should consider reading a java text book – Karussell Mar 4 '10 at 9:24
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the second statement: grid[0].length is an integer. The second statement in a for loop is a condition statement and needs to be a boolean.

If you're trying to loop while col is less than the length of grid[0], then you need this as your second statement:

col < grid[0].length;

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for (int col= 0; col < grid[0].length; col++)   // See the typo
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grid[0].length is the integer that the message refered to. A boolean value was expected there:

col < grid[0].length
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You need to change your code to something like:
for (int col= 0; col<grid[0].length; col++)

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