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hello guys I am new to cypher query and I want to restrict duplicate values in my result

the query is

match (ee:Personal {id:"id"})-[:Friend]->(fr),

where comp.name=~".*name.*" 
and not friend.id="id" 
and not (friend)-[:Friend]-(fr) 
and not (friend)-[:Friend]-(ee) 
and not (fr2)-[:Friend]-(ee) 

optional match (comp)-[:Position]->(pos), 
optional match (friend)-[:Location]->(loc) 

return distinct  friend.name,  comp.name

but i get duplicate values as there are multiple node properties in return statemnt. If I return only one property then its fine. but i want distinct friends

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Distinct works on the whole row, if you want to return distinct friends per company, do:

return comp.name, collect(distinct friend.name)
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