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I have worked with the .MVC framework using validation frameworks such as xVal or FluentValidation.

Is there anything similar available for webforms as well? I have got a few projects which have to be done using webforms.

What I'm asking for is some kind of integration with the webforms infrastructure. I could just use one of the mentioned frameworks in order to validate the (view/page)models, but I still would have to do a lot of form validation in the page.

Thanks for any answers in advance. I'd really appreciate if you could describe or refer to the level of webforms integration.

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I disagree with the "not constructive" judgment. I had almost precisely the same question, and Google led me here, but the "best" answer for my use case isn't listed: SpecExpress ( If the question were open I could add it. – Paul Smith Oct 31 '13 at 16:03
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There is a project in codeplex trying to port xVal to Webforms, take a look at

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You can take a look at the Validation Application Block from the Enterprise Library. I've never tried to integrate it using webforms, but it does have a page dedicated to just that. Maybe this is something that can help:

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Also look at the following article when doing VAB ASP.NET integration: – Steven Mar 4 '10 at 16:01

Peter Blum's Data Entry Suite:

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