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I need to do remote port forwarding that will listen instead of on the remote machine.

I managed to make this happen as follows:

  1. user@machine_A$ ssh -R 22:localhost:2222 user@machine_B
  2. user@machine_B$ ssh -L 2222:*:2223 user@localhost

Now I can connect user@machine_A with this command:

ssh user@machine_B -p 2223

The local port forwarding is a workaround, of course. Is there any clearer way to do this?

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Enable GatewayPorts in sshd_config (by default it is disabled). Enabling it will instruct sshd to allow remote port forwardings to bind to a non-loopback address. AskUbuntu has a similar question about Reverse Port Tunneling that goes into more details.

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