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Im making a quiz application. And when a team pushed their button, they aren't allowed to still see the question or see the video/audio piece. This kind of information is displayed in the quizview ( this is a jpanel ) added to a parent JFrame. What i'm trying to do is minimize the JFrame when a button is pushed from the teams. This works perfectly. If a button is pushed the administator get a pop up in his view. If the answer is incorrect the JFrame should be maximized again. So when he pushes a button if the answer is incorrect, a boolean will be set on true in the quiz model ( $maximize ). We update the views then. In the update of the view im checking if the boolean is set on true. If it is true, i call the maximize method. And maximize it again when the answer is wrong. Minimizing works perfectly, but maximizing not.

Anyone knows what's wrong?

This is my code in the view, this view is a JPanel in the bigger JFrame, where the maximizing happens :

public void update(Observable arg0, Object arg1) {
    $question = (Question) arg1;

    if(((QuizModel) getModel()).getMaximize()) /* Only maximize the JFrame when needed */
        maximizeFrame(); /* Maximize the frame first */     


 * Maximize the parent JFrame so the teams can see the question
protected void maximizeFrame() {
    JFrame topFrame = (JFrame) SwingUtilities.getWindowAncestor(this);


The minimizing occurs when a team pushed their button, here is the code :

 * If a button gets pressed we call this function
 * @param team the team that pressed their button
protected void buttonPressed(int team) {
    /* Check if a button is pressed */
    if(((QuizModel) getModel()).getTeamPressed() > 0)
        $isPressed = true;
        $isPressed = false;

    /* If there hasn't been pressed yet and the question is not null */
    if(!$isPressed && $question != null){
        minimizeFrame(); /* Minimize the frame */

        /* If this question has a media path we need to pause the audio/video, we also check if the user has installed vlcplayer and selected the right path */
        if($question.getMediaPath() != null && QuizSoftwareModel.$vlcPath != null)
            ((QuizController)getController()).pause(); /* Pause the video */

        /* Give a pop up message to the admin that a team has pushed their button */


 * Minimize the parent JFrame so the teams can't see the question anymore 
protected void minimizeFrame() {
    JFrame topFrame = (JFrame) SwingUtilities.getWindowAncestor(this);


[EDIT] Reduced the code.


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Does this help? stackoverflow.com/questions/5258207/… –  Tim B May 21 at 12:02
please isn't really now the time to post an SSCCE/MCVE –  mKorbel May 21 at 12:03
This is not PHP, don't use $ in variable names. –  user1803551 May 21 at 12:03
@TimB Nope tried that already, still not working. –  user3485470 May 21 at 12:05
"They told us at school to do this for java object orientated" this sentence makes no sense. Java is object oriented and using $ is something used mostly in PHP and has nothing to do with object oriented languages. Remove it for better code readability. –  user1803551 May 21 at 12:08

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The solution is using topFrame.setExtendedState(JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH); instead of setState. Setstate only sets the state of the current frame, because i needed the parent frame i needed to use setExtendedState.

Also missed some booleans to maximize/minimize when needed.

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