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I have a camel route end point as below where I want to replace the hardcoded s3 bucket name and replace with a parameter and pass it from a Properties file.

<to uri="aws-s3://input-test-bucket?amazonS3Client=#aws-s3-client"/> 

I have a bean as below which passes the aws-s3-client containing the access key and the secret key

<bean id="aws-s3-client" class=" nt"> 
<bean class="com.amazonaws.auth.BasicAWSCredentials "> 
<constructor-arg index="0" value="${aws.accessKey}"/> 
<constructor-arg index="1" value="${aws.secretKey}"/> 

The values for the aws.accessKey and the aws.secretKey are coming from a properties file from where I want the bucket name also to be taken.

Please could anyone let me know how to add the bucket name to the bean and pass it to the aws-s3 route as a parameter.

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I'm new to this as well, but have you tried Property Placeholders?

Essentially, if you have a property named 'S3Bucket', for example:

<camelContext xmlns="">

    <propertyPlaceholder id="properties"

        <from uri="direct:start"/>
        <to uri="properties:aws-s3:{{S3Bucket}}?amazonS3Client=#aws-s3-client"/> 


This should work if:

  • you have '' in your classpath (in the appropriate path)
  • that properties file contains a key 'S3Bucket' which maps to a value.

I'm not in a position to try and run this build but give it a shot!

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Yeah, with the help of camel property place holder you can pass the property setting to any camel endpoint uri. – Willem Jiang May 29 '14 at 6:19

If you like you can create a S3Endpoint yourself and setup the S3Configuration as you want in spring. In that way, you can just setup the BucketName to the S3Configuration directly.

<camelContext id="camel" xmlns="">
        <!--from uri="aws-s3://mycamelbucket?amazonS3Client=#amazonS3Client&amp;maxMessagesPerPoll=5"/-->
        <from ref="s3Endpoint"/>
        <to uri="mock:result"/>


<bean id="amazonS3Client" class=""/>

<bean id="amazonS3Configuration" class="">
   <property name="amazonS3Client" ref="amazonS3Client" />
   <property name="bucketName" value="mycamelbucket" />

<bean id="s3Component" class="">
   <constructor-arg index="0" ref="camel"/>

<bean id="s3Endpoint" class="">
   <constructor-arg index="0" value="aws-s3://Unknowbucket"/>
   <constructor-arg index="1" ref="s3Component"/>
   <constructor-arg index="2" ref="amazonS3Configuration"/>
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I am new to this..Please could you eloborate whether I need to create another bean with S3Configuration... – zeusinn May 22 '14 at 9:28

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