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Let I have two tables: tb1, tb2. tb1 has col11 and col12 char columns and tb2 has col21 and col22.
How to write sql-query which return a table with the col1 and col2 columns which contains concat of col11 and col21and concat of col21 and col22 data.

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How are the tables connected? Some id? –  juergen d May 21 at 12:45

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select col11 + col21 as col1, 
       col12 + col22 as col2
from tb1
join tb2 ...

You can use + to concatenate strings in MSSQL.

SQLFiddle demo

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It doesnt work in mssql 2008. –  Richi May 21 at 12:53
It works: SQLFiddle example –  juergen d May 21 at 13:00
Select CONCAT (col11 ,col21) as col1, CONCAT (col21,col22) as col1 from tb1,tb2
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Can you please at least add a note about the cross product you're producing here? –  mabi May 21 at 13:15

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