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The python script I would use (source code here) would parse some arguments when called from the command line. However, I have no access to the Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) in my environment. Can I call the same script from within a Python console? I would rather not rewrite the script itself.

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try to install python on your windows PC and add it at your environment.... stackoverflow.com/questions/1449494/… –  angel May 21 '14 at 12:48
See also stackoverflow.com/questions/11744181/… if you are using iPython as your console. –  Wolf May 21 '14 at 12:51
@Wolf Simply '%run' does the trick, thanks! Are there any pitfalls to that? Otherwise feel free to write up a a quick answer about it, I am happy to give you credit! –  László May 21 '14 at 13:00

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%run is a magic in IPython that runs a named file inside IPython as a program almost exactly like running that file from the shell. Quoting from %run? referring to %run file args:

This is similar to running at a system prompt python file args, but with the advantage of giving you IPython's tracebacks, and of loading all variables into your interactive namespace for further use (unless -p is used, see below). (end quote)

The only downside is that the file to be run must be in the current working directory or somewhere along the PYTHONPATH. %run won't search $PATH.

%run takes several options which you can learn about from %run?. For instance: -p to run under the profiler.

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If you can make system calls, you can use:

import os
os.system("importer.py arguments_go_here")
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You want to spawn a new subprocess.

There's a module for that: subprocess



import sys
from subprocess import Popen

p = Popen(sys.executable, "C:\test.py")

Getting the subprocess's output:

import sys
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE

p = Popen(sys.executable, "C:\test.py", stdout=PIPE)
stdout = p.stdout
print stdout.read()

See the subprocess API Documentation for more details.

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