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i am trying convert this code http://uadetector.sourceforge.net/usage.html#improve_performance in scala , but getting dificulties

object CachedUserAgentStringParser extends UserAgentStringParser {
  private val parser = UADetectorServiceFactory.getCachingAndUpdatingParser

  private val cache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder().maximumSize(100).expireAfterWrite(2, TimeUnit.HOURS)

  override def getDataVersion(): String = parser.getDataVersion

  override def parse(userAgentString: String): ReadableUserAgent = {
    var result = cache.getIfPresent(userAgentString)
    if (result == null) {
      result = parser.parse(userAgentString)
      cache.put(userAgentString, result)

  override def shutdown() {


getting error type

 mismatch; found : net.sf.uadetector.ReadableUserAgent required: Nothing

  result = parser.parse(userAgentString)
  cache.put(userAgentString, result)
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Looks like you haven't specified appropriate type parameters when you created parser and cache, so compiler inferred them to Nothing. –  om-nom-nom May 21 at 13:19
@om-nom-nom all complete code is front of you, please help –  Govind Singh Nagarkoti May 21 at 13:25

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You need to specify type parameters for the cache variable.

private val cache: Cache[String, ReadableUserAgent] =
  CacheBuilder.newBuilder().maximumSize(100).expireAfterWrite(2, TimeUnit.HOURS).build()

Here is a compilable example: https://gist.github.com/tkawachi/2b68ca16d1b317c1d1dd

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