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I have a fairly straight forward producer/consumer problem:

  1. Main thread produces a chunk of data and puts it in a queue (unbounded_buffer)
  2. Worker threads (a concurrency::agent) remove chunks from queue and sends them over a network
  3. If network send fails, chunks are added back onto the queue

I am using Microsoft's Asynchronous Agents Library to attempt to solve this problem. However, I can't come up with a good way to restrict the size of the unbounded_buffer that works with the condition if network send fails, chunks are added back onto the queue.

My "class SendAgent : public concurrency::agent" run method looks something like this:

   void SendAgent::run()
           // boundedBufferis concurrency::unbounded_buffer passed in as an ISource
           auto myDataToSend = concurrency::receive(boundedBuffer);

           bool result = sendDataOverNetwork(myDataToSend);

           if(result == false)

Again, the problem is enqueuing the data back onto the buffer. I can't figure out a simple and clean way to restrict the size of boundedBuffer.

Have any of you guys implemented anything like this using the Asynchronous Agents Library? Any tips or information you can share would be fantastic.


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Information added to question along with code. –  BigHands79 May 21 '14 at 14:10

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