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I have a migration which adds triggers to MySQL via invoking ActiveRecord::Base.connection() method "execute". It works fine except what schema version is not updated. I suspect that is because the DB structure by itself is not changed (no columns and table updates).

Is there a way to force the schema version update in my migration?

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The problem seems to be lying somewhere within actions done in migration. My initial assumption about db structure is not correct. –  msorc Mar 4 '10 at 11:37
There was a 'set autocommit = 0' statement which somehow prevented version to change. –  msorc Mar 4 '10 at 12:03

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Actually I think this should be updating your schema.rb file version based on my observations of how the :migrate task is defined.

task :migrate => :environment do
  ActiveRecord::Migration.verbose = ENV["VERBOSE"] ? ENV["VERBOSE"] == "true" : true
  ActiveRecord::Migrator.migrate("db/migrate/", ENV["VERSION"] ? ENV["VERSION"].to_i : nil)
  Rake::Task["db:schema:dump"].invoke if ActiveRecord::Base.schema_format == :ruby

If it's not updated, perhaps your :schema_format is not :ruby?

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