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My PHP sessions are working fine but sometimes while uploading large files (mostly videos which takes hours to upload), the PHP session expires. In this case, the user fails to upload a big video.

I have an AJAX call done every 15 seconds to get updates from the server. I thought this AJAX call would prevent the session from expiring, but still the session expires.

How can I prevent it from expiring?

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Have you tried increasing the time till your sessions expire? –  KJ Price May 21 at 13:49
A PHP session expires after 24 min by default. Check your php.ini –  techouse May 21 at 13:49

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add these to your .htaccess file

php_value session.cookie_lifetime 18000
php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 18000

session will expire after 5 hours.

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whats the max time i can have? –  user3455531 May 21 at 18:54
max value for gc_maxlifetime is 65535 –  Volkan Ulukut May 22 at 11:02

You can write the following in your PHP code:


Although, it's better to write these settings in the "htaccess" file.

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