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I am well aware this is a crazy thing to ask, but what method and or language should I look towards to work with numbers of over 1*10^100000000? I know doubles and such have much smaller limits in accuracy, but my purpose is to apply math such as division, addition, etc to these numbers.

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Different languages use different library to support arbritrary-precision arithmetics. Most modern programming language offer support for it in one way or another.

Take a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbitrary-precision_arithmetic#Languages

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What you are looking for is called arbitrary-precision arithmetic. Typically there are separate packages for integers and for floats. Some languages have these built-in; for example Maxima [1] has both integers and floats. Some other languages (e.g. Common Lisp) have only integers built-in. For other languages such as C and C++, you can get libraries.

[1] http://maxima.sourceforge.net, http://sf.net/p/maxima

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