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The question is simple. Is it possible to make a WHERE x IN List in Neo4jClient?

Here is an Cypher example:

MATCH (tobias { name: 'Tobias' }),(others)
WHERE IN ['Andres', 'Peter'] AND (tobias)<--(others)
RETURN others

Thank you

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Neo4jclient simply wraps the Cypher REST interface, so yes. Just replace the Cypher keywords with their equivalent methods in IGraphClient and pass whatever you want to .Where (). (I also rewrote your query a little but you can ignore that)

var others = graphClient.Cypher
  .Match("({ name: 'Tobias' })<--(others)")
  .Where(" IN ['Peter', 'Andres']")
  .Return(others => ...).Results;

Replace the three dots with what you want to deserialize to, for example others.As<IEnumerable<User>>().

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Didin't know i could pass a string as an argument of the WHERE. Thanks for the tip :) – David Graça May 22 '14 at 5:14
Here is the same query but using parameters to pass the string[]. .AndWhere("others.Name IN {otherNames}") .WithParams(new { otherNames }) Check the link for the Github issue raised: – David Graça May 26 '14 at 17:54

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