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I'm trying to replace some code into another with regular expressions. I'm using Java but I think it's not relevant for the question

String testString = "sb.Append(\"first string to append(1) \");  sb.Append(\"second string to append(2)\");";
Pattern appendPattern = Pattern.compile("\\s*(\\w+)\\.Append\\((.*)\\);");
Matcher appendMatcher = appendPattern.matcher(testString);
System.out.println(appendMatcher.replaceAll("[$1 appendString: $2];"));

my expected result is:

[sb appendString: "first string to append(1) "];  [sb appendString: "second string to append(2)"];

what I got is:

[sb appendString "first string to append(1) ");  sb.Append("second string to append(2)"];

it's something .* has precedence over \\) when deciding where match ends. Where am I wrong?

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@hwnd sorry, was my typo. Now is correct. Feel free to repost your answer –  giampaolo May 21 at 14:35

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Greedy will consume as much as possible. Follow .* with ? for a non-greedy match.


Working demo

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use this:


make it lazy along with the global modifier

demo here : http://regex101.com/r/vV0tN6

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