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My applications handle large file uploads (more than 1GB), and if need to restart the server the upload is process is aborted.

I'm using PF 4.0.13 + Commons FileUpload 1.3.1 with threshold size of 1 MB. Temporary files are kept on server restart.

Probably I'm asking for too much, but is there a way to make the fileUpload component keep retrying in case of connection is lost?


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Sorry, that is not supported with Apache Commons FileUpload.

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What about Tomcat's native upload? Thanks – FkJ May 21 '14 at 19:48
The Servlet 3.0 file upload is just a copy of Commons FileUpload. The closest you can get to this with Tomcat out of the box features is using partial PUTs and the default servlet but that will require custom client code (and enabling PUTs). I think you need to be looking for an alternative upload library. – Mark Thomas May 23 '14 at 14:13
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As I'm using Amazon S3, I changed my code to use the AWS SDK for JavaScript.

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