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So the title really does sum it up but the unordered_map is created on the stack and the code I use to insert into it as is follows

void CameraContainer::addCamera(Scene::Camera* e){
    stored_cameras.insert({ e->getGUID(), e }); 

GUID will return a unsigned int

I'm using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Update 2

I don't know if it matters, but the class which this code belongs to is inherited by another class and it's through the other class that this one has it's functions called. enter image description here

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I'm guessing e or this (if stored_cameras is a member) is a null/invalid pointer –  Salgar May 21 at 16:28
So this is a managed C++ question then I guess? Or C++/CLI or whatever they call it nowadays? –  Jeff May 21 at 16:30
In fact it's almost certainly the CameraContainer you're calling addCamera on is a null pointer, since the Raw View states you're accessing an object at 0x20 which is 32 bytes (an int, or maybe a virtual function table pointer?) after 0 which is the offset of stored_cameras in your class –  Salgar May 21 at 16:31
@Salgar that's what I think too, but Why! it's not a pointer :/ –  Joshua Waring May 21 at 16:35
@JoshuaWaring show the code where you're calling addCamera, or if it's the same object, the code calling that function. –  Salgar May 21 at 16:36

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@Salgar The issue as you said was I'm calling the function on a nullptr, which was hidden from me because I get the pointer from the Lua Registery, obviously before it exists there.

Thank you

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I think we've all done stackoverflow incorrectly here :) –  Salgar May 21 at 16:43

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