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I have to maintain the aspect ratio of a div with respect to the height on window resize.

I can maintain the aspect ratio(x:y) with regard to the width(X%) using padding-bottom; or padding-top;.

So from the analogy, I tried using padding-left;

   height: Y%,
   position: relative;

   padding-left: Y(x/y)%;

But the percentage value of padding-left does not give any width to the wrapper.

How can I maintain the aspect ratio of that div according to its height?

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Inshort you want a responsive div block keeping an aspect ratio of height and width? –  Mr. Alien May 21 at 16:41
yes, but w.r.t to height. –  red-devil May 21 at 16:42

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As % padding/margin are calculated according to the width of the contrainer, you can't use the "padding technique" to maitain aspect ratio according to the height.

For a CSS solution, you will have to use vh units :

vh : 1/100th of the height of the viewport.


For browser support see canIuse

Example for a 1:1 aspect ratio :



    width: 50vh;
    height: 50vh;
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