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I'm developing a website in HTML/CSS and was wondering is there any way I can implement touch controls for viewing it on a smartphone/tablet device. Could you please provide some code examples. Thank you.

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What do you mean by touch...? Can you please give any example because using touch in smartphone is equal as using mouse in PC –  Shashank May 21 '14 at 17:13
wondering whether the answer helped.. –  T J Nov 2 '14 at 17:37

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Not sure what exactly you meant. If you want touch interaction for your website, you don't actually have to do anything specific. Users can interact with desktop version of your website on touch devices because as far as i know, modern browsers triggers a click event on touch after 300ms or so.

If you explicitly want to add touch event listeners, modern browsers throws touchstart, touchmove touchend events to which you can listen to just like you listen to a click event.

If you want to detecttap, double tap etc you'll have to write your own code to detect them using the events mentioned above or rely on a library that does it for you such as jquery mobile or hammer.js

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