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I wrote this code in JavaScript to make the images of my website fading in when loaded:

function loaded(e){
    var target = e.target;
    target.style.opacity = "1";

I'm calling the function via HTML attribute onload and it works just fine....

Now, I'm trying to do the same, but now using the load() jQuery event, just to avoid calling the function from the HTML attribute. So I wrote:

    $(this).css('opacity', "1");

But it doesn't work at all.


Thanks in advance for your answer

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Your question seems to assume that JavaScript and jQuery are on the same level, which is absurd. You know that jQuery (a library) is written in JavaScript (a programming language), right? –  rsenna May 21 at 17:45
Yep I perfectly know and understand it but i don't see what is the relation with my question. –  user3661928 May 21 at 17:51
The relevance is that your question, as stated, is inadequate to this site. Remember, we are not here to simply "answer you"; using stackoverflow.com is a privilege, and therefore you should comply to the site rules (like asking good questions, accepting useful answers and so forth). –  rsenna May 21 at 18:15
Ok, I don't see what is wrong in my question. If it's bothering you why do you care. Just pass your way, your remark is not interesting at all. –  user3661928 May 21 at 18:58
Now you are being offensive. You know, I'm trying to help you: better questions usually get better answers. Also, being polite usually helps, too. –  rsenna May 21 at 19:12

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You can do something like this:

img {opacity: 0.25;}

And after the page load:

  $("img").css("opacity", 1);
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thanks for correcting an answering my problem. –  user3661928 May 21 at 17:44
Try to check if it works. Accept my answer if it works. Thanks. :) –  Praveen Kumar May 21 at 17:44
As my website has a lot of pictures, i don't want to wait that the document is entirely loaded to load the pics. it takes almost 1min. –  user3661928 May 21 at 17:46
i did not try it but it works for sure but it's not what i'm looking for –  user3661928 May 21 at 17:47
i'd like the pics to appear right after loading. –  user3661928 May 21 at 17:48

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