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I own this blog (http://un-francais-a-new-york.blogspot.com/) and need your help to solve an issue.

Each post appears with a jumplink, except for the first post on every page (see on the blog).

I need only the first post of the homepage to appear in full, as opposed to the first post of every other page.

To do this I know that I need to add a b:if condition somewhere. I have no idea how to do this though. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks so much!

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i can't understand your question. please ask more specific. did you mean want to remove the jumplink in your first post on homepage?

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Yes that's correct. I want to remove the jumplink only for the first post of the homepage. Right now the jumlink is removed from first posts on every page (not just the homepage) –  user3043850 May 23 at 19:47

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