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I have set up rabbitMQ federation between two machines A and B, bi-direction,

but have the error

{auth_failure,"ACCESS_REFUSED - Login was refused using authentication mechanism PLAIN. For details see the broker logfile."}

in the log file, it seems the federation amqp need to access through guest/guest credential, this comes to the question here:

rabbitMQ guest login failed

with existing solution to set up test/test here :

Can't access RabbitMQ web management interface after fresh install

I tried to make guest/guest also work from another machine by running : rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / guest "." "." ".*"

but still fail to login via guest/guest on another machine,

in the rabbitMQ management web UI, the user test and guest look all the same:

Name Tags Can access virtual hosts Has password

guest administrator / ●

test administrator / ●

but why I still can't loging with guest/guest on another machine? (test/test works fine)

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Please read… I just update it! hope it helps! – Gabriele May 21 '14 at 21:55

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You are not listing what version you use, but guesstimating from your post time, I would say the issue is probably because in v 3.3.0 (released in early April 2014) they disabled guest user login remotely (see release notes here), AND it looks like at some point around that time there was a change either in the way federation is supposed to be setup, or simply the yanking of the guest user made it behave differently.

Anyway, to resolve this, make sure you create your upstream with an URI in the following form:


the key is in the your_user:your_users_password string - that was not required before 3.3 (and it still may work without it should you enable the guest user... but I don't care to try that)


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