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I have an ASP.NET C# application that needs to execute code that is in a proprietary DLL in another app domain. It seems most code that I could find requires that I make the objects MarshalByRefObject but since they are in another dll, I don't really have access to them. I would like to ideally just make calls to the proprietary dll in another AppDomain, but I don't really know how I would go about doing that.

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Add reference to that assembly. –  Hamlet Hakobyan May 21 at 18:43
Not sure what you trying to do... Do you need to "create AppDomain and run code there" OR "run my code in AppDomain magically created by some other assembly"? –  Alexei Levenkov May 21 at 18:46
I have created an AppDomain and am attempting to load the other assembly into it. I saw in examples that I should put MarshalByRefObject on the classes I want to marshall, but I can't since those methods are in the other dll. –  skaz May 21 at 18:53
Create serializable proxy calss and load that proxy into your new domain. Load your assembly from that proxy. dom = AppDomain.CreateDomain("xxx");ObjectHandle h = dom.CreateInstanceFrom(Application.ExecutablePath, "YourProxyClass"); YourProxyClass proxy = h.Unwrap() as YourProxyClass; proxy.Domain = dom; Now call proxy.ExecuteSomething(); Your proxy knows how to use reflection to execute stuff –  T.S. May 21 at 19:03

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