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I am using Dev Express Full Stacked chart for displaying few value against the columns.

I access the table columns at run time and trying to assign the column name to the Y axis at run time. The X axis contains the different values like Null/Missing for each column.

I am able to plot the values correctly but somehow Y column does not display all the column names. Series[0] is for Null values and Series[1] is for Missing Values.

chartControl1.Series[0].Points.Add(new SeriesPoint(column.ColumnName, columnResult.Nulls));
chartControl1.Series[1].Points.Add(new SeriesPoint(column.ColumnName,columnResult.Missing));

I want both these values plotted against all the columns in the table.. Could anyone help with that?

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Would you please post an image demonstrating the desired result? –  Uranus May 23 at 6:05

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