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I have a .Net datatable, from which I am filtering rows using a select function.

For example, assume the datatable as below

| Id | Name | Description         |
| 1  | Anish| "sachin's centuary" |

I search my datatable like this...

datatable.select("Description = 'sachin's centuary'")

However, it isn't returning any rows because of the "single quote" in description. I tried to replace the single quote with double single quote as in SQL, but this doesn't work either. Could anyone please help me with this.

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2 Answers

You most likely have to escape the single quotes within the function call like so:

datatable.select("Description = 'sachin\'s centuary'")

Though you didn't state what language you are using.

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I am using c# How do I insert "\" before single quote in the string 'sachin's centuary'. I tried Replace function but the string after replace looks same...am not able to see any "\" –  Anish Mohan Mar 4 '10 at 12:51
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In the following blog ...i have seen this solution http://www.marvinpalmer.com/MarvinPalmer/post/Trouble-with-Single-Quotes-and-StringReplace().aspx

public string escapeChar(string strToEsc) { if (strToEsc.IndexOf("'") > -1) {
strToEsc = strToEsc.Replace("'", @"\'"); // notice the addition of the @ symbol } return strToEsc; }

but its not working for me..."'" is getting replaced with "\'" :(

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