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Like I try to explain in my image, I want to be able to drag items from the "items list" into any of the possible drop areas.

enter image description here

I also need to: - Be able to drag items from one possible drop area to another. - Be able to rearrange items inside each possible drop area.

I found some similar solutions here, but can´t find the right one. Here is a code that comes close to my needs.

$(function () {
      revert: true,
      receive: function(ev, ui){
  $("#itemlist div").draggable({
      connectToSortable: ".dropTarget",
      helper: function(ev, ui){
        return "<div>"+$(this).text()+"</div>";

Here is the working example: "http://jsfiddle.net/3wCHu/28/"

The problem with this code is that I can´t move items from one "drop area" to "another". Also when moving an item from the "items list" to a drop area, this code "draws" a div, and fills it with the text of the item. But in my case, the items are more complex than just text.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?


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Well, It turns out it´s quite easy. Just have to use this code to choose what connect with

$(function () {
                connectWith: "#items1,#items2,#items3",
                start: function (event, ui) {
                stop: function (event, ui) {

Here is a link with a working demo http://www.pureexample.com/jquery-ui/sortable-connectwith.html

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