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Desired behavior: I would like to see a Welcome Category Tab on French Store View, Bienvenue Category Tab on French store View

Actual Behavior: I get both English and French tabs (menus) in both stores!


I set up two store views (which works OK for all other translation requirements).

I set up two CMS static blocks - for 1) English store view 2) french store view.

Then I set up two categories - 1) Welcome 2) Bienvenue

For Each Category, in Display Settings, I set:

  • Display Mode = static block only
  • CMS = my language

Problem: I can make text language specific, but I don't know how to only show category tab for the appropriate Store View.

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Answer was right there in Category Setup Page!

In Category Setup Page, in Upper left hand corner, select store that you don't want to show category, specify "Is Active" = No

Unwanted tab is now gone.

Repeat for each category as required.

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