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is it possible to get the current max-value of a column, only knowing tableID and fieldID in ax 2009? i know you can get several informations about the field like isMandatory or something, but i need to know the maximum value instead...

thanks for any hints in advance!

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No problem if you program your query, look at this job (AX 2009):

static void MaxValueTest(Args _args)
    str maxValue(TableId tableId, FieldId fieldId)
        QueryRun qr = new QueryRun(new Query());
        qr.query().addDataSource(tableId).addSelectionField(fieldId, SelectionField::Max);
        return ? any2str(qr.get(tableId).(fieldId)) : '';
    info(maxValue(tableNum(CustTable), fieldNum(CustTable,AccountNum)));

One problem is the return type, which is solved by casting to string.

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thanks a lot ;) – Nico Mar 4 '10 at 15:15

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