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I use capistrano 3.1 to deploy to prod server.

Previous, it works fine. But today, when I change a rb file (no database migration added & changed), during the deploy procedure, when it runs to

Running /usr/local/rvm/bin/rvm default do bundle exec rake db:migrate on xxx

it show error:

[cc1734f0]  Migrating to CreateDevices (20140416233606)
DEBUG [cc1734f0]    == 20140416233606 CreateDevices: migrating ====================================
DEBUG [cc1734f0]    
DEBUG [cc1734f0]    -- create_table(:devices)
DEBUG [cc1734f0]    
DEBUG [cc1734f0]    Mysql2::Error: Table 'devices' already exists: CREATE TABLE `devices` (`id` int(11) auto_increment PRIMARY KEY, `soh_id` varchar(255), `token_id` varchar(255), `device_hw` varchar(255), `device_sw` varchar(255), `device_name` varchar(255), `created_at` datetime, `updated_at` datetime) ENGINE=InnoDB
 DEBUG [cc1734f0]   rake aborted!

But in my schema.rb, I have:

ActiveRecord::Schema.define(version: 20140513035458) do

Because my last deploy already create the table, so now it reports error.

So why the rake db:migrate run the migration, which has been executed before again !

I can NOT drop the table, for it contains data already.

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2 Answers 2

Update your migration to conditionally execute if the table does not already exist

 class MyMigration < ActiveRecord::Migration
   def change
     unless table_exists? :devices
      #create the table
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One way to solve this would be to add '20140416233606' to the schema_migration table. Then Rails won't run this migration.

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Thanks, it works this way ! Is it how rake determine which migration to run ? Then seems rake should do it automatically. I have 40+ migrations, any method to do it automatically ? Thanks in advance – user3618929 May 21 '14 at 23:31
It is done automatically by rake db:migrate – Iceman May 22 '14 at 3:03

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