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I've got a website with Gravity Forms and the GF Authorize.net plugin installed. GF API key is correct and in place, and the Auth.net API ID and API key are in place and correct. I've verified that I'm using production settings and not testing. Even with all this, submissions aren't going through.

Looking through the database I found that the auth.net API keys weren't being saved into the database wp_rg_authorizenet table. I added them back as serialized data (making sure to specify the characters) and it's still not working. (As of when I write this, the Gravity Forms website is down so the API check produces an error...could this be one reason why things aren't going through? Hopefully not...)

Form submissions show up in the WP admin, but nothing in auth.net or in my bank account when testing using real card. Submissions seem to go through from an end-user perspective (ie. thank you page says it worked), but no emails are sent (setting active) in addition to nothing actually hitting auth.net or my bank. No errors displayed as far as I can see...

Also of note, WooCommerce is installed with the Woocommerce Auth.net AIM plugin. I've tested with both active and with both inactive with no luck.

Anyone else have this problem and able to solve? This is driving me crazy and is preventing the launch of a clients website.

Thanks in advance!

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