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I'm new to R. I'm trying to write an if statment to replace an infrequent value in a dataframe with values from another dataframe, based on a match between two other variables in these dataframes. My code is this:

if(myData$Region == 'Head Office'){
myData$Region <- LocationData$Region[match(myData$Township,LocationData$Township)]

R returns: Warning message: In if (myData$Region == "Head Office") { : the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used

Which I hope means the code works, but only for the first row of data. Based on other SO questions, I tried

ifelse(myData$Region == 'Head Office'){
myData$Region <- LocationData$Region[match(myData$Township,LocationData$Township)],

But it returns mutiple errors.

My question: Is the if statement likely to work for this purpose? Do I just need to figure out the proper syntax to make it run through all rows in myData, or is this the wrong approach altogether?

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Have you read the help for ifelse? –  mnel May 21 at 23:26
I did, for if as well. I couldn't relate the examples provided to my code, no doubt because I barely understand them. I did also try using ifelse with two different specified outcomes for false: first I left it blank, which i thought meant if false do nothing, and I tried specifying it as the original value, which i thought meant if false write in original value. –  saraw May 21 at 23:42
I also tried adding for(i in 1:length(myData$Region)) which returned the same warning a whole bunch of times, instead of just once. –  saraw May 21 at 23:43

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Syntax on your ifelse is incorrect, and there is a missing "else" value


Assuming your "else" value is myData$Region,

myData$Region <- ifelse(myData$Region == 'Head Office',
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@mnel thanks for the edit –  luis_js May 22 at 6:15
Thanks for the help - with the proper syntax the code is now working (result is not as expected, but hey, progress!). I can see now why @mnel recommended a closer look at the help file. I thought I needed the curly brackets for looping, and didn't understand why the help file didn't show them as an option. –  saraw May 22 at 16:10

For anyone else with this problem...the ifelse code ran after the syntax was corrected as suggest by @luis_js, but it was not returning the result I needed: conditionally replacing a value for mydata$Region, with a value from LocationData$Region, based on a match for Township, a column found in both dataframes.

I tried the "more R like" solution suggested here: If statement to replace NAs in a column matching with a different column from another data.frame in R - and it works perfectly.

For my data, the code to perform the conditional replace is

headoffice <- myData$Region == 'Head Office'
myData$Region[headoffice] <- LocationData$Region[match(myData$Township[headoffice],LocationData$Township)]
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