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I'm developing a web application from scratch. The UIs are already completed.

My question is- can I have a front-end developer code these UIs into HTML5/CSS3 templates, and then hire a completely separate back-end developer, send him the HTML5/CSS3 templates, and have him implement back-end functionality using Ruby on Rails?

Basically, the process would go like this:

  1. Hire a front-end developer to code UIs into HTML5/CSS3 templates.
  2. Hire a back-end developer. Send completed HTML5/CSS3 templates to this back-end RoR developer and have him implement back-end functionality.

Would this work? Is it that simple? If not, what kind of problems would I run into?

Thanks all for your help!

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Most rails devs are full stack. They can make the whole web app. Once the app is complete you can have front end dev improve the ui. (normally without touching the models) –  andreofthecape May 22 at 7:20
Wouldn't it be better to have the front-end developer complete the full UI beforehand, ensuring it's all nice and proper? And then, after back-end is complete, the front-end can continue to improve the UI? –  user3663113 May 22 at 13:40
Also- I'm thinking, what if the 'full-stack' rails dev guy completes the front-end in a messy, poor-quality manner. The front-end developer would struggle trying to improve it, right? Wouldn't it just be better to have a front-end guy convert the PSDs into completed HTML/CSS before any back-end dev work is started? –  user3663113 May 22 at 13:42