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How do I configure my micro libc buildroot and how do I use it? I am working on an 802.11p device and this still bugs me out. Do I use openwrt?

gab@ubuntu:~/Desktop/usr/src/locomate-release/mips/src$ make mips-linux-uclibc-gcc -I /home/gab/Desktop/usr/src/locomate-release/mips/src/../incs -I /home/gab/Desktop/usr/src/locomate-release/mips/src/../socket-CAN/include -I /home/gab/Desktop/usr/src/locomate-release/mips/src/../src -c -DLOCOMATE -DSDK_NEW -o wsmpdemo.o wsmpdemo.c make: mips-linux-uclibc-gcc: Command not found make: * [wsmpdemo.o] Error 127 gab@ubuntu:~/Desktop/usr/src/locomate-release/mips/src$ ^C gab@ubuntu:~/Desktop/usr/src/locomate-release/mips/src$

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This is saying that the 'make' command is not found. Perhaps setting the path to the make executable or using ${MAKE} On my linux system, the proper method of accessing make is /usr/bin/make. Of course, what the error message is really saying is that the location of the make function is not listed in the ${PATH} environment variable –  user3629249 May 22 '14 at 8:19
now it says mips-linux-gcc: Command not found only –  user3434206 Jun 14 '14 at 19:02

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