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I'm learning how to deploy RoR (v2.3.4) on Heroku. Last night was my first attempt at pushing an app with an external gem (active_merchant).

What is the URL format for configuring the .gems file? (My last attempt was 'active_merchant --source github.com/Shopify/active_merchant'.)

Any inputs would be great. Thanks.

-BrianP. (bjpcjp@gmail.com)

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According to Heroku's docs, it's the same as you'd pass to the gem command line tool. In your instance, I believe you'd do:

shopify-active_merchant --source gems.github.com

However, is there a reason you're trying to install it off Github? Github's gem hosting is deprecated, and you it doesn't look like Shopify actually hosted versions there anyway (the Active Merchant page suggests you run gem install activemerchant).

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Tks Rufo, I used gem install activemerchant to config my local machine. The Git push to Heroku failed - hence the question. –  bjpcjp Mar 4 '10 at 18:27

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