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Using #include <iosfwd> rather than #include <iostream> reduces the number of lines included by an order of magnitude (from 25000 to 2500), which I have found accelerates compilation.

Is there an analogous forward declaration header for MPI? The directive #include <mpi.h> includes about 35000 lines of code. I would like to replace this with something like #include <mpifwd.h> so that I can refer to MPI_Comm and MPI_Request in a header file without having to include all these lines of code.

I suppose that I could "solve" this problem using the following forward declarations that I culled from preprocessor output:

typedef struct ompi_request_t *MPI_Request
typedef struct ompi_communicator_t *MPI_Comm

But in this case I fear that the solution would not work for all implementations of MPI.

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The definitions are always and necessarily going to be implementation (and sometimes, versions-of-implementation) dependant. If you do manage to do this somehow, whenever some weird parallel bug pops up in your code, this is always going to be the first thing you will have to check. You'd be adding extra hours of maintenance complexity for the sake of shaving, what, a few seconds off of compilation? –  Jonathan Dursi May 22 '14 at 12:40

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