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WE have Requirement in Our Project that Data Load from Source to HDFS Target Directory.

And we have to validate that data transformation (from source to Target) as/ Transformation rule.

They Gives us Flat Files of Source Tables (Single Flat file/Table) as well as of Target Table.

We have to do this data validation through Hive

How could we do that and is there any automation scope in this.

I am very beginner to this Hadoop technology. Kindly Help me out

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Try the below steps to validate data-

1- Write custom UDF and apply the validation rules over the rows, you might use REGEX for writing validation rules in UDF.

2- Write custom Serde or InputFOrmat to verify data while loading in Hive table.

3- Try Mapreduce Job to do the data validation directly.

If your source system is RDBMS then you can use Sqoop to import the data into HDFS or directly into Hive.

Sqoop has inbuilt functionality which validates the import/export using the row count and number of rows copied. sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/imdb --table movies --validate

You can also create your own validation scheme by extending interfaces- 1- ValidationThreshold. 2- ValidationFailureHandler. 3- Validator

 **sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/imdb \
--validate --validator org.apache.sqoop.validation.RowCountValidator \
--validation-threshold \
      org.apache.sqoop.validation.AbsoluteValidationThreshold \
--validation-failurehandler \
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Client only provides us Flat files as a Source there is no database acess to QA & DEV both for that. –  user2854098 May 28 at 10:24
i would suggest you to go ahead with approach(1, 2 or 3) as there are no other ways to test the data. –  Rahul May 30 at 6:30

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