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I would like to seek help on how to parse this string

{"success":false,"error":{"code":500,"message":"No keyword found."}}

I would want to be able to get the error code and the error message. The only problem I have is finding a regex that could capture the values I'm stuck at

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(REGEX?);
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(result);
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That looks a lot like JSON. Could you parse it as such? – Simon Kuang May 22 '14 at 5:45
Why you do not use a json parser? – Jens May 22 '14 at 5:46
this look like json string, you should parse it – Moradiya Akash May 22 '14 at 5:46
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You need to parse it to json and get value not regex as your response is in JSON.

JSONObject message = new JSONObject(yourResponse);
// use myJson as needed, for example 
JSONObject error = message.getJSONObject(“error”);
int code = error.getInt(“code”);
String message2 = error.getString(“message”);
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Hmm, casting Strign to an int? – Scary Wombat May 22 '14 at 5:58
you can see, code is returned as int And Its in JSON Format. – Adhikari Bishwash May 22 '14 at 6:00
so should it not be getInt (“code”); ? – Scary Wombat May 22 '14 at 6:01
ya that was my mistake. sorry. – Adhikari Bishwash May 22 '14 at 6:02
It is your comment that was the mistake. Why are programmers so defensive? – Scary Wombat May 22 '14 at 6:03

In Java, we do not often compile Patterns for such trivial tasks.

Quick Answer

code = Integer.parseInt(result.split("\"")[6].split(",")[0].substring(1));
msg = result.split("\"")[9].split(",")[0];

This won't work if result has commas.

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if you want regex, this is it

s = s.replaceAll(".*\"code\":(.+?),.*", "$1");
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The org.json library is easy to use. Example code is as below:

JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(" .... ");
int errCode= obj.getJSONObject("error").getInt("code");
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This string is in json format, better use a json parser. Try this:

String s = "{\"success\":false,\"error\":{\"code\":500,\"message\":\"No keyword found.\"}}";
JSONObject jsonObject;
try {
    jsonObject = new JSONObject(s);
    JSONObject error = (JSONObject) jsonObject.get("error");
} catch (JSONException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block

Also have a look at this site.

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