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I am working on an app that loads images from my server. These images are all different sizes. So I was wondering - it is possible to detect the background colour of an image or its most prominent colour?

The reason behind this is I would like the UIView behind the UIImage to change its background colour based on the UIImage. So for example say I have a UIImage that has an iPhone sitting on a blue table I would like to detect that colour blue and use it as the background colour for the UIView.

Is this at all possible?

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what you can do is get the average color of that UIImage and then set the UIView's color to that average Color –  Ahmed Z. May 22 at 6:22
You can get average color using this method.. stackoverflow.com/a/13695592/1042240 –  Ahmed Z. May 22 at 6:22
That's awesome!! Thanks gents exactly what I was looking for! –  Tander May 22 at 6:31
Going on from this - is it possible to get the average colour for a part of the UIImage - say the left top corner or left side of the image? –  Tander May 22 at 7:03

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