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I have a Qt5 application, compiled for release on Ubuntu. I prepare directory with:

But when I run .sh script on another Ubuntu machine (without installed Qt5), I get next error:

symbol lookup error: /path/to/app/./libQt5Widgets.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZTI15QGuiApplication

How fix it?

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Is it when linking your code? Do you have libQt5Gui.so.5 recognized? –  lpapp May 22 at 6:54
no, it when I try to run application on another machine without Qt, and yes, I have all libraries resolved –  c1tru55 May 22 at 9:55
Does the other machine also have this libQt5Gui.so.5? If not, you need to ship it, or statically link the application against Qt, I think. –  lpapp May 22 at 10:03
I copy all needed libraries (including libQt5Gui) to the same folder as where application is stored –  c1tru55 May 22 at 10:11
Hmm, strange then. Are you trying to run the application from the application's folder or somewhere else? Have you tried to set the library path just in case? –  lpapp May 22 at 10:19

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